underwater portraits

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Susan J Roche began creating at a young age.  During her teen years her focus was on painting and applied arts along with athletics. Her professional, training studying both fine art and photography in academic area, coursework with masters and apprenticeships. She is a graduate of Monmouth University.


The focus of her fine art series is the fluidity of the feminine energy immersed in water; the beauty of the ethereal form with movement underwater. 


Roche works with the images with an impressionist style, preparing them for printing. Each image printed using materials the enhance the surface of the artwork. Then Roche applies acrylic paints along with acrylic, or oil paints, semi-precious materials, metal pigments, minerals and glass. Using a UV finish that encases the photograph and painting the works that have depths and a distinct beauty.


To view images from her underwater photo sessions

sea angel underwater cousins  sealife sea love underwater sorceresses underwater gifts