Choosing happiness, seeing joy, feeling love... this is life, this is the beauty.

Susan's professionalism and happiness is contageous.  Her clients feel assured knowing that Susan will use understand the importance of privacy.  This, has led Susan's talent to many promenient and well know public people. Her integritity is uncompromisable.

Susan began her career while in college three decades ago. Her ability to allow people to feel as ease while being photographed was quickly evident. She headed the portrait department for a biweekly newspaper at just 18 years old. With intensity, her training continued including a two year portrait concentration with Andy Toree focusing on studio portraiture, lighting, retouching and professionalism. Continuing the study of children and family portrature tat the Mid Atlantic School of Professioal photography, Winona School of Professional Photography, study of fine art portraiture history, early photographic portraits, BA at Monmouth University.

Susan is a member of several Professional Photographers Associatins, spoken before many professional photographers and donated her services to worth while causes.  Susan began working professionally as a wedding photographer using medium format film cameras.

In 2010, Susan relocated from Monmouth County, New Jersey to her charming shop on Mount Street, Bay Head within walking distance to the beach. October 29, 2012 Superstorm Sandy left the shop ruined with sand and ocean debry. In June of 2013, Susan J. Roche portraits/gallery reopened at 92 Bridge Avenue on the corner of Park in Bay Head. The following winter the SWFL location began.

From the beginning of my career, I always thrived to continue growing and learning as an artist photographer.  In my late teens and beginning of college, art and athletics were my passions.  I have always loved all applied art, drawing painting, ceramics, and crafts. At eighteen years old was the first photography course. Loved the darkroom, film in the developer for shorter and longer for different results, many printing processes, Bessler enlargers carefully allowing light to expose parts the paper to create better prints.  My interest photographing people began right from the start.

For years, I spent spare time (when not photographing or working) studying the painting of families and children in history. Loved art history, then later loved when I visited Rome and finally saw some of the greatest works I’d only seen in books and slides.  As I developed as an artist, inspirationt has always been inportant. Julia Margaret Cameron, Dorthea Lange, Ruth Orkin, Steve McCurry, Annie Leibovitz, Jimmy Nelson, Irving Penn, Richard Avelon, Yousuf Karash, Mary-Ellen Mark, Elliott Erwitt, Ben Stern, John Singer Sargeant, Mary Cassatt, Lilla Cabot Perry,  Claude Monet,  Edouard Manet, Paul Cezanne, Berthe Morisot, Eva Gonzales, Laura Muntz Lyall, Ben Von Wong and Zena Holloway. Plus many, many artist who’s work I studied yet I do not see their influences, but they are there such as  Friedo Kaylo ( enjoy creating self portraits ).

After three decade, my work is better than is ever has been. This may just be age with the natural growth yet there has been something special that came from picking up the pieces after the hurricane devastated of my shop, my home and my town.  I saw such goodness in people, it changed me, and I am just happier than I have ever been.  

Superb image making,  collaboration with master printmakers brings the added refinement to every portrait.  All of us caring who deeply about the Art of photography and elegant design.  Our fine art portraits are hand made, using superior materials.  Every step of the creation process, the utmost care is taken.  This result in a distinctive, compelling and timeless piece of art.  It is the devotion of exceptional personal attention, working with a limited number of clients so that each project will has complete focus.

  • It all starts with a great images, capturing light and people 
  • Editing, so important to select the right one
  • Adjustment of details in the image (where the light is softer and stronger)
  • Printing expertly on finely crafted artisan paper 
  • Presentations that enhances and defines 
  • Gorgeous frames such as artisan hand gilted, perfection

I hope that you'll speak with me about any thoughts and ideas that you have.

I look forward to creating with you!